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I got a few tips and tricks for you to make look your hair long, thick and shiny!


If you are a blondie like me firstly make sure that your hairdresser is the best one in the field ! Do some research before handing in your crown to anyone in a random shopping centre! I'll share with you the one I go to, her name is Steph Mayer and she is located in St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. Why is this so important ? Because if you go with someone over-bleaches your hair, this will cause breakage and it will never grow ! SUPER IMPORTANT!


Well to be honest this is a life changer hack, I stopped using conditioner years ago, instead I use a hair ask every day, If you disagree i get it but every time i stopped doing it i could definitely see the difference ( it gets worse when I stop using it) I personally use the Loreal hair mask that you can find at Coles.


Clip in hair extensions, If you follow me on Instagram, is no secret that I wear extensions, unfortunately I do not have time to go to a salon and spend hours servicing my tape extensions, thats why i found this solution, and since I now have a good length I can just add a volumizer clip in hair extensions this is where I get mine from ZALA HAIR EXTENSIONS

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